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The Summer Boom

I have been thinking about this and I wanted to know if we were in agreement. I believe that this summer will be fu**ing huge! I feel that this industry is about to hit it’s peak. I’m not sure whats coming to the affiliate marketing industry but I think that whatever comes this summer is going to be a great explosion for the whole search engine marketing industry.
I was on the phone with Cameron Olthuis and we were talking about the next big boom in affiliate marketing. He said some things which enlightened me. There are so many industries which need to get into Aff marketing. In other words affiliate marketing is very limited to Ringtones, Blockbuster, E-mail submits, Finance and a few other niches which work well but people like me like to challenge the system and Want More! Affiliate Marketing needs to explore new horizons and small stores need to launch websites and affiliate programs so affiliate marketers can promote offers on a more local targeted scale vs. targeting a whole country or continent…
Thats My 2 cents, Lets see what happens this summer (Only like 12 school days till summer )
Bye – Harrison

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