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The Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online

Last night I felt like reading my own blog just to actually see the quality of my blog posts/not look at it with my shielded ego. After reading like 4-5 posts I am severely dissapointed at the shitty ideas i have posted. Why even call them ideas? Well since traffic seems to be picking up on this blog I feel that maybe giving some advice to new inspired internet earners some hints and tips. Don’t expect my incredible tips which will guarantee you financial security but do expect some cool little tips and ideas which should hopefully help you. Or if your extremely smart and can take someone idea’s and multiply them by 6 you might be buying a new car or five soon :).
So lets get started with my attempt to actually blogging some quality content!
#1 Selling Ebay Items
This sounds like a very very mediocre online income but it is what eventually got me started into the full fledge business which i run today. Start selling something you like/learn to like something vs. selling something completely boring. If you are extremely knowledgeable about movies and dvd’s maybe goto your local thrift shop and buy 10-15 used dvd’s (spend like 20.00 max) and put them up on ebay at .99 start bid with 5.00 shipping. Since I’ve pretty much sold everything on Ebay I can tell you that nearly everything will sell on Ebay. Some of the first auctions I ever listed were old books which were just rotting on my bookshelf. Even some extremely boring books went for 6-10.00+shipping. The biggest e-bay seller tip I can give you is to sign up for an online shipping service such as or the lady’s at the post office will learn to hate you.
#2 Turnkey Sites/Basic Promotion
When just jumping into the internet business (Not including doing Ebay) simple turnkey websites (sometimes known as Adsense websites will do pretty well). The first website I ever made was a turnkey website (a myspace help site turnkey) and it made me $800.00 in 2 weeks. That being the first check I received from my internet business I was pretty happy. Starting a simple website like that will really teach you a lot about how actual original content will really make you significantly more money. You will also see that if promoted properly these sites can actually make good money.
#3 Tweaking tip #2 to make even more money
If you understand the web already you can do what I wrote for tip #2 about creating a turnkey website and spice it up to earn significantly more than standard unmodified turnkey website. When i say “Tweaking” i mean maybe change the look of these mirror sites and actually add some content of your own. Than go and buy aaron wall’s seo book and actually listen to his golden tips. If you really watch your traffic logs you will see a lot more money from these websites not only from people clicking your ads but actually having return visitors vs. people who goto your website, click on an advertisment and will never come back.
#4 Write a blog
I actually don’t really make much money with this blog but some people make major money with 1-5 blogs. If you can write very nicely and talk about various niche’s you can probably generate a very loyal base of users who will read your blog on a day2day basis and earn you some very very clean good money over time. Don’t try and blog about some high paying keyword which you know nothing about. I have seen people try and make a quick buck by blogging about Mortgages and Student loans just to get those high paying clicks. If you read their posts you see how little they know about the niche they are writing about which will generally make a user just leave the blog.
#5 Pay Developers to code you a 100% original website
If you have tried some of the tips above of this one you are probably skilled enough to pursue something more wide scale (such as having your own custom website developed). One way to keep expenses down is to actually design/code the website yourself but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that it’s fine. Shoot me an E-mail and i can refer you to a few great development companies. Since this is how I make a lot of my money I cannot give out all of my golden secrets but one important suggestion I can give you is to not make a website based on another website. I have totally done this before and made money but telling a designer and a coder I want my own google or my own myspace is simply stupid. Sites like google and myspace always dominate the world and your going to have to face it that you Cannot and Will not compete with huge huge sites unless your a fucking genius.
#6 Learn SEO
If you don’t goto school 5 days per week like me and you have plenty of time to just sit down and learn I believe this is probably the best tip for you. Search engine optimization is a golden skill which you will make money off of no matter what. Regardless of what you do with your skill; SEO’ing your own websites, consulting, etc. etc.. you will make a great deal of money. Sure seo takes time and is not an easy thing to learn but you will make some very very good money doing SEO type business.
#7 Creating a directory
This is something I do not know much about because it is something that I have never done myself. But I have heard that people can make a lot of money creating quality rich directories. Since i focus on a lot of little websites the only tip I believe would be worth your while from me is to not make a turnkey directory not focusing on 1 specific niche. Make your “Cook Book Directory” or “LCD Computer Screen Directory” I am probably wrong when I say that but I am giving you tips from stuff I have done; not other peoples tips.
#8 Start a paid service website
I am in the process of developing my first paid service website. I am extremely excited to see how it does but when i think about how much money some websites make from small $5-$10 monthly subscriptions I feel that there is a lot of money to be made in monthly subscription websites. If you are great with idea’s think of something unbelievable, code it/pay to have it developed, advertise it using: SEO, PPC, and Link exchanges. Than become the next Steve Jobs!
#9 Create a content rich newsletter
I have done this on a smaller scale and made some money. If you are a good writer but don’t like blogging this is another option you should explore. Make a simple website advertising your weekly newsletter on a specific niche. With almost 7 billion people in this world your guaranteed to find a few people who will read your newsletter religiously. After a few newsletters have been sent out and your user base grows you should maybe add a few little links to earn some money!
#10 Do PPC to CPA
This is something a SEO’er should also explore. PPC-CPA is anything but easy but will make you great money if done correctly. Due to the harsh competition out there with this type of promotion I do not want to reveal the few secrets I have learned but all i can say is Only sell something you would buy yourself. Thats my only word of wisdom for you ;).
Wow, I have written all 10 tips in my 3rd period photo-shop website. I hope you start earning 20 figures monthly thanks to my blog (if you do send me some money ). I will try and write another “Top 10″ post in a few weeks but I believe that this is a pretty good post for the readers of my blog. What do you think?? Post your comments,

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