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Tons and tons and TONS of stuff to do

hey guys,
i know its been a few months and im really sorry for not getting on here more often and blogging it up. me not going to normal school has made me so busy that i’ve forgotten to logon and write up a quick post for you guys in a while. I guess ill tell you whats been going in with me lately. My affiliate network leaderclicks is going good and im going to be making some changes to it next month (which i will remember to write about now :D). I always thought that running an affiliate network would be simple but i was completely wrong. Running leaderclicks is a very timely task that i’ve began to dedicate more and more of my time to. Its pretty funny to see how this industry works from the network end of things as just a few months ago i was only an affiliate.
The network isnt the only thing i’ve been working on in the past months. I’ve been working on tons of small projects from little site ideas to some other ppc campaigns. About two weeks ago i was “Owned” on a campaign, i started working on promoting a xerox offer ( This is an affiliate link to the offer ) i even got a landing page setup (that isnt loading for me anymore: than got word of all search being banned from that offer, to say the least i was pissed; search was banned a day before i was ready to go live :(!
Right now i am looking for good travel affiliate programs to promote, nothing scammy or MLM but an affiliate program for actual travel websites like: expedia, travelocity, orbitz, and others. Its for a good campaign idea I have that would be a totally different approach to a PPC campaign. This is a perfect type of program for me to participate as i have NEVER promoted PPS/% type affiliate programs, i hope this works :D!
Well guys, i think ive written enough for now but hope to get up early tomorrow so i can blog it up for you guys day in and day out (Like the old days :P). Please remember that if you need me for any odd reason i am available on aim almost 24/7 aim: role or email me
Peace Readers,

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