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What I Think of ALL PPC Networks (Cont’d from shoemoney)

Hey readers,
as most of you know my little “Post” was selected and placed on regarding why i think YSM is the best PPC engine out there. I would like to follow up on that post and go a little bit more in detail on the 3 top PPC networks for now and than maybe some smaller ones some other time :P. Lets start with probably the most nortorious network/company.
Google Adwords
Google adwords is a HUGE advertising network which represents the biggest search engine out there in addition to having 10s of thousands of sites with available inventory (To Purchase Space on). If properly bidding and strategizing you can get past the evil google Quality score but it still happens which has greatly affected me in the past. I do use google adwords a little bit but have struggled in the past due to the ridiculous competition. I do have some campaigns running and hope to increase my adwords use as i become a more experienced affiliate/search marketer.
This is the network which i stated was my favorite to shoemoney. It still is a great advertising network which i believe is best because keyword/bid competition is not as severly ridiculous like adwords. YSM’s new portal is pretty lame though, I am a little confused by the new process of creating a campaign in Panama and have had to contact support several times because of me being an idiot/and or me just getting lost. YSM does require you to prepay when not a ‘Premium Publisher’ which does suck but can quickly be resolved with only a few hundred dollars per month! I also have come to the conclusion that YSM also has the most available resources for advertisers to make the most of their campaigns. To say the least; I
Microsoft’s Adcenter
Adcenter is a great new advertising network with very little competition and a great deal of small tools to use. Some problems with adcenter are the terrible volume and something very few people have noticed when using the {Keyword} tool. When using the {keyword} parameter in an advertisement they count the :blah as text therefore ads get denied. It’s very inconvenient and has not been addressed by adcenter yet. I have complained once before and i don’t think they have gotten to it yet :(. Adcenter’s volume does suck but I get .05 clicks in 3 clicks of a button.
Since im in class and the teacher wants us to turn our PC’s off i have to cut it short but i will be posting more about this. On another note i just bought a mac thanks to Millnicmedia I will take picture of my brand new Mac Book Pro when i get it

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