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Which CPA network and why??

I ask myself this question on a daily basis due to the fact that i see affiliate links, offer links, and more on a daily basis. ALL networks claim to have “Highest Payouts” “Best Offers” in addition to being the “Best Network”. I honestly don’t know which networks are the “Best” and which networks are 110% bullshit…
On the blogs of the internet marketing “Gods” (personally im not all that impressed with them but who gives a shit) such as and they have had polls asking which network is your favorite etc. Personally i believe that question is extremely vague due to the fact that cpa networks can suck in one specific offer category in be amazing in another offer category. I believe a more appropriate poll question would be “What is your favorite CPA Network for ring tone offers.” vs. “Whats the best CPA network”.
So when people place there votes what are they putting into there consideration? Honestly, do they vote due to the fact that they earn more money with a specific network or because there brothers sisters dogs ex-owner works for that network?
Whats Makes a network Good or Great?

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